“Why Schools are Failing our Boys” Jennifer Fink of The Washington Post

The following are statements and facts in Ms. Fink’s article, “Why Schools are Failing our Boys” published in 2015. Although it has a more opinionated title, I believe this article still offers another keen insight into the gender gap educational success.

“Statistically speaking, boys now lag behind girls on every single academic measure; they also get in trouble and drop out of school much more frequently than girls.”

“There are fewer boys in college than girls, and far more lost 20-something boys than 20-something girls.”

“Our boys are not the ones who are failing; we are the ones failing our boys.”

“…he’s (her son) considered a troublemaker due to his failure (or inability?) to conform to the expectations of the modern educational system.”

I had rarely heard about such stories mainly because I think boys stories about educational troubles do not sell for mainstream media. Issues with women are much more likely to get attention. There is still significant issues with discrimination against women but it’s important not to turn a blind eye to the troubles of the other sex. People’s livelihoods are at stake.

Young Boy Learning
Source: http://photobucket.com/gallery/user/Dreaz/media/bWVkaWFJZDoxMzAwODYwNTk=/?ref=

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