Spitball at Work

I am going to divulge some things that have been on my mind – these may just be ephemeral opinions and thoughts, but they are, nevertheless, preoccupying, and I partly created this space to unload some of my emotional tension.

For starters, it appears as though the media is after the throats of men – It disconcerts me to know that most people aren’t discerning enough to sift through the wave of hatred of men that flows from big “news” sources. I am overwhelmed by what I perceive to be a resentment of men in general. Resentment is fine when deserved…many, many men deserved to be resented for their actions (how hard is it to treat women correctly?). However, labeling classes of people almost never results in an advantageous outcome for those being characterized.

Secondly, although related to the first point, in commercials I see everywhere, there is this stereotype of the doofus, bumbling man who acts immature or foolish. I’m hyper-aware of this only because I never was able to retract myself from the topic of men’s issues. I would assume most people do not realize the subtle construction of negative, or at least not positive, images of men in all types of commercials. I would encourage my audience, however limited in number, to pay attention to the details of characterizations of men around you, you may be surprised at what you see.

I feel trapped by my concerns for the sex to which I belong because I only see these issues becoming worse. I’m in the epicenter of many political and social happenings, and I can say with confidence that I do not believe the outlook men is any better than bleak.


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