Another Interesting Case Study: Harvard Admissions

To follow up on my last post regarding representations of men and women in college media, I investigated a similar case of the “meet our students” page in the admissions section on Harvard’s website. Harvard is often seen as the paragon of global universities, and so I wanted to take a glance at some of the advertising produced by a highly-esteemed institution.

Unsurprisingly, the representation of men was greatly outnumbered by the representation of women on the “meet our students” page. Eight (8) men and twenty-three (23) women were highlighted. Therefore, Harvard seemed to follow the same “rule of representation” – a 1/3 male-to-women showing – as did Georgetown in their college pamphlet. What’s more interesting is that Harvard maintains a 50-50 (or very close to it) gender distribution, so I am unsure as the reasoning behind the misleading representation in the “meet our students” page. I think I will investigate this among other prestigious schools in various regions of the US. I’ll keep you updated.


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